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Byron Naturists Incorporated

The Byron Naturists became an official incorporated association in February 2019 and immediately formed plans to set up an online community forum dedicated to providing a safe and secure network for community members to communicate and organise.

Our main priority will continue to be the protection of access to a free and safe space for our naturist community to gather and socialise. Over the last year our group has been fighting hard on behalf of the entire naturist community to keep Tyagarah Beach open to members of the naturist community and this will likely be our primary focus in the short term with new threats emerging all the time.

One of the key organisers behind this fight has been Duncan James who penned this brief summary for Tan Magazine on the fight to keep Tyagarah Beach open:

Late 2017 a group of locals, passionate about retaining the clothing optional status at Tyagarah beach, formed a group called the Byron Naturists. Our prime objective was to keep the clothing optional beach ( of only 800 metres) a legal space for everyone who wished to utilise the beach, clad or unclad!

In the last twelve months, the beach has returned to a family friendly all-inclusive space with our group being very pro-active in achieving great results. We have organised beach patrols, handed out flyers ( in regards to maintaining a non-sexualised space at the beach), spoken to beach users about creating a safe community, and also organised social, sport and family days on the clothing optional beach.

Our pro-active and positive energy has restored the clothing optional beach as one of the most beautiful beach locations and communities in this Shire, if not the country!. However, we still believe we can achieve more great results and we look forward to having continued talks with council and implementing other solid ideas and more proactive discussions regarding the clothing optional beach.

Become a member today and add your voice to the fight to keep Byron Shires one and only clothing optional beach open and free for the naturist community to use and maybe in the future we can push to open other areas of nature to the naturist community.

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