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Judging from Spring 2019 it's shaping up to be a dry and hot summer on Tyagarah Beach. Byron Naturists will continue to organise regular Beach Social Days over Summer and hope everyone will be involved. It's a great way to meet other like minded people, be a part of the naturist community and simply have fun! The naturist community would like to thank the beach users who have done and continue to do the ‘right thing’ in regards to keeping this beach a legal clothing optional space. WE ask all beachgoers, clothed or unclothed, to respect the law and respect other people on the beach. We came very close to losing our clothing optional beach late last year with council voting to keep the clothing optional beach OPEN by only one vote!! It's imperative that we maintain a family friendly non-sexualised beach as any unsavoury behaviour could see Tyagarah’s clothing optional status removed once and for all. For over twenty years Tyagarah has been a beach enjoyed by many, families, couples and singles. The beach has provided respite for many people who choose to be at ‘one with nature’ or to enjoy the company of other like-minded people in a clothing optional environment. If you, like us, enjoy the naked freedom at Tyagarah Beach, we ask you to pay attention to the points below. 1. Nudity is only permissible on the Southern end of Tyagarah between the signs which are 800 metres apart. Police continue to fine people for being nude outside the legal clothing optional area. 2. Stay out of the sand dunes. Police also have fined people for being naked in the dunes , bushland and carpark. 3. No sexual behaviour of any kind will be tolerated by the police or by community, naturist or not. Australia is a big country, find somewhere else to engage in sexual behaviour - preferably at your home! Police are still conducting random patrols on the beach. You certainly won’t want the charge of ‘indecent sexual behaviour’ and a police record for your actions, not to mention potentially jeopardising the removal of the clothing optional status on the beach. 4. Be respectful, especially to females. Show respect on the beach by giving them space and privacy. It's great to be friendly on the beach, but it's not OK to make someone feel uncomfortable. 5. Show respect towards the pristine environment and wildlife that inhabits it by taking all of your rubbish with you (including cigarette butts) when you leave the beach. 6. If you see someone who isn’t doing the right thing on this beach, speak out or inform other beach users who can help take action. Nobody likes the idea of policing the beach but also nobody likes the chance of potentially losing our legal rights to enjoy social nudity on this beach either! If they don’t heed the message the ‘SNAP AND REPORT’ method with your phones camera might act as an deterrent as long as you feel safe. 7. BE SMART AND RESPECTFUL and we can all enjoy this beautiful space as mother nature intended! Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter and helping to fight for our right to have a legal clothing optional beach for everyone to enjoy, respectfully. Naked Hugs Byron Naturists

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